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Our focus in the natural resources sector includes: oil, gas, renewable energy and clean technologies.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. and their global partners are committed to providing a financial platform to international markets.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.’s real estate group provides equity capital targeting residential and commercial projects.

We acquire full service, upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities in the hospitality market.

We invest in high growth companies that sell clever, exciting products with high potential and sustainable gross margins.

Our primary focus is discovering, developing and investing in new medical technologies.

Investment Sectors

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. aligns itself with proven and committed management teams who take significant equity positions in their companies.

We understand and recognize that mature, qualified management critical to the success of management buyouts. Companies with strong management teams can be provided considerable incentives to build and grow their companies.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. invests in operating companies that take advantage of our ability to add value through our international relationships. We want management teams that retain a high level of operational autonomy, to do what they do best, and grow their companies. We will provide unbridled support on the broader strategic issues so that together we can increase superior value and increase shareholder wealth.

Once we have determined projects meet our investment criteria as it pertains to our required IRR demands, we are able to fund investments with a high degree of success. We have access capital as well as the extensive operating experience enabling you to execute on your objectives, and close transactions swiftly.

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