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Our focus in the natural resources sector includes: oil, gas, renewable energy and clean technologies.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. and their global partners are committed to providing a financial platform to international markets.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.’s real estate group provides equity capital targeting residential and commercial projects.

We acquire full service, upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities in the hospitality market.

We invest in high growth companies that sell clever, exciting products with high potential and sustainable gross margins.

Our primary focus is discovering, developing and investing in new medical technologies.

Real Estate Development

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.’s real estate group has a dedicated team that provides equity capital targeting primary markets in the US. We are also actively pursuing global opportunities based on the current economic environment.

Equity investment of any kind can be to bridge the gap between available debt financing and the cost to build, buy, renovate, and develop your real estate projects. Developers seeking equity participation from us should be expected to forfeit lead positions in their development or acquisitions.  Red Cardinal Holdings will take lead roles, and will govern through our development partners the development, management and building of the funded projects. This also will include the placement of real estate brokerage and management services for new development projects as well as the placement of seasoned operational management post investment cycle.

Common real estate equity and capital structures are funded through:

  • Joint Ventures

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Private Equity Capital


Red Holdings, Inc. offers both institutional and private capital for Real Estate projects enabling our clients to make the best financial choice in capital structuring (real estate equity) for the following types of properties:

  • Residential & Commercial Land Developments

  • Residential Housing Developments

  • Commercial Developments

  • Valued Added Commercial Properties

  • Credit Tenant & Single Tenant Properties

  • Condo Conversions

  • Apartment Projects

  • Industrial Parks

  • Retail -Mall Properties

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels

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