as of April 11,2017


One of the most common types of fraud being perpetrated and becoming increasingly prevalent due to the proliferation of the internet  is the misrepresentation of status, position, affiliation and or relationship with large corporations. As such, it has come to our attention that individuals purporting to be representing Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. or their affiliated companies actually are not, and may be representing themselves as employees or representatives of the firm without our knowledge, authorization or consent from management.


We have become aware that individuals have attempted to utilize the Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. brand, likeness and have even attempted to opened emails accounts utilizing, yahoo and or hotmail as examples. As recent as 4/09/2017 a direct attempt was made whereby an individual actually attempted to set up and utilize an account,, a corporate email owned and controlled by Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.


Emails also may instruct recipients to read a notice that is attached by clicking a link, or call you and begin a conversation about investment. Both of which may be dangerous to your company and also not authorized by Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.,  and any attachment may certainly contain a computer virus. For your protection do not open any attachment.  Forward the email  to


To see a more comprehensive notice of other security precautions please visit us on our website at:



Should you have any questions or concerns about mails you have received, in addition to this “Legal Notice of April 11, 2017” please forward them to, or contact Joseph Rosa, President of global operations at