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Our focus in the natural resources sector includes: oil, gas, renewable energy and clean technologies.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. and their global partners are committed to providing a financial platform to international markets.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.’s real estate group provides equity capital targeting residential and commercial projects.

We acquire full service, upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities in the hospitality market.

We invest in high growth companies that sell clever, exciting products with high potential and sustainable gross margins.

Our primary focus is discovering, developing and investing in new medical technologies.

The Firm

We are driven by our strong sense of values and form close partnerships with the companies we invest in.



As a private equity holding company, we identify talented management teams that offer significant growth opportunities for the capital provided by us and believe in people who start and grow businesses. Our involvement with those businesses provides significant advantage due to our knowledge, experience and commitment to growing companies.



We’re driven by a strong sense of values and form close partnerships with the companies that we invest in and have built strong relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect.  Our global network of relationships provide companies with a foundation to grow their business, enhancing bottom line results for our shareholders.



By partnering with developing nations, we believe that we are building a company that will create sustained value, for our shareholders, while making the world a better place in the process. The company has positions in diverse business sectors including; renewable energy, natural resources, infrastructure, consumer goods and services, real estate development, medical facilities and devices, manufacturing and hospitality.

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