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To be recognized as a socially responsible company this early in our history is important to us. Rest assured, because each company is different, our mantra for all companies we work with, regardless the capacity, must adhere to what we believe make good corporate citizens. Safekeeping the planet and the people within it, are paramount in how we work and whom we work with.

Today more than ever, a small a footprint has the largest impact to 'Change The World'.  Governments, corporations, and individuals can peacefully change how they work, one small step at a time. If change is to occur, we all must work together to create a difference by leaving a legacy that will have a positive impact on future generations.

As a matter of understanding, we think the capacity to address world issues of clean water and access to healthcare are not responsibilities we take lightly. Populations where resources are limited,  is where we look to offer solutions.

We will never be able to solve all the world's problems as a small private company, but our company values allow us to approach out of the box thinking to address solutions and approaches, keeping in mind what is always most important, people.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.  considers corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in every  decision that we make. We understand the correlation between sustainable and legally compliant operations and follow corporate compliance protocol at all times. 


Environment, Health, and Safety

At every stage of our investment process, we monitor  comprehensive audits of EHS  including  that of regulatory matters as well.  Even from the time our ownership period begins, we implement measures necessary to ensure that our investments are in compliance with global standards.  Our objective now and always  is to integrate EHS best practices into every one of our company investments which include:

  • Safety records

  • Regulatory results

  • Audit results

  • Training programs

  • Permit and licenses

  • Agency inspections

  • Operational impacts

  • Awards, recognitions, and certifications


Transparency and Disclosure

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. strives to be fully transparent with all of our stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, customers, employees and of course, our investors.

Corporate Responsibility

Our focus in the natural resources sector includes: oil, gas, renewable energy and clean technologies.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc. and their global partners are committed to providing a financial platform to international markets.

Red Cardinal Holdings, Inc.’s real estate group provides equity capital targeting residential and commercial projects.

We acquire full service, upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities in the hospitality market.

We invest in high growth companies that sell clever, exciting products with high potential and sustainable gross margins.

Our primary focus is discovering, developing and investing in new medical technologies.

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